• Vaibmu



    Strategy consulting firm located in Finland. Vaibmu’s main expertise areas are media and internet (classifieds, advertising, directories, e-commerce, tech & software providers). Vaibmu provides strategy consulting and new business development capacity, including M&A scouting and market entry assessment. Vaibmu’s Customer-base is located worldwide, namely in Europe, North America, Russia & CIS, CEE, the Middle East and Turkey. The company relies on a wide operational experience in international business, with expertise in operations and organizational design for shifting traditional organizations to multi-platform operations.

    Previous relevant experience

    Vaibmu has provided international expansion support to companies who want to take their operations beyond their current markets providing entry strategies, marketplace assessment and opportunities mapping. Vaibmu has accompanied Allegro Group, Schibsted Classified Media and Trader Media East in their digital transformation. Currently Vaibmu is participating in FP7-2011-NMP-ICT-FoF project ExtremeFactories (Prj #: 285164) performing RTD activities related to the Process of Innovation within SMEs and as Exploitation Manager.

    Main tasks in U-QASAR

    Vaibmu will offer to the U-QASAR consortium its knowledge about the international market as well as its experience in the definition and implementation of New Business Models applied to several types of digital platforms. They will also apply the findings made in ExtremeFactories project where several business models are being put in practice (e.g Osterwalder’s Canvas or FP7 NEFFICS consortium model). Their experience indicates that focusing the business model from the very beginning of the project may result in interesting requirements that can even have an effect on the adequate selection of specific Architectures. As experts in digital business as well as international expansion best practices they will lead the elaboration of the Dissemination and Exploitation strategies (WP6). Vaibmu will also contribute to the definition of general requirements for the platform and to its Design so as to create a usable and marketable solution. Vaibmu will also support end-users in the validation and assessment of the methodology and platform.