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    Last week, U-Qasar team met in the real world for the first time since the EU Commision review meeting. This time the excuse for the meeting was to prepare for the final sprint of U-Qasar. The meeting was hosted by the German partners (ATB and Contact) in Bremen, where their headquarters are.

    The Town Musicians scultpture in Bremen. (cc by FFlowizm)

    The evening before the meeting a delegation was sent to find out if the Town Musicians of Bremen have finally arrived to the city. All they could find was the famous statue representing the musicians, by Bauhaus master Gerhard Marcks. The clean lines and hierarchical composition of the sculpture reminded them somewhat of the U-Qasar platform.

    Indeed, this was an important moment for the U-Qasar platform, and its related methodology. At Bremen, it was the first time that the platform was going to be demonstrated in front of software professionals. After a successful demo, the attendants wanted to know more and did not run away, as the robbers did in Grimm’s tale.

    The meeting with the professionals was framed in the Lean Startup methodology and specially Ash Maurya Running Lean book. With the attendants we discussed the SaaS market for software development, and the challenges and possible solutions for SQA. Meeting these committed professionals made as revisit our assumptions regarding the U-Qasar business model. With their input we refined the main challenges addressed by the U-Qasar solution, and selected the main features that will make U-Qasar successful in the future.

    Hard working U-Qasar researchers discussing Business Models

    Hard working U-Qasar researchers discussing Business Models

    In a separate session, the methodology was tested internally. U-Qasar is based around the concept of a Quality Model and the methodology will define the tools and processes to build a quality model for a company of software project. In groups we came with a quality model for U-Qasar itself. A great outcome of this session is that we also got to enter the quality model in the U-Qasar online platform. It was the first time for lot of the members to think as users rather than developers, researchers, consultants, …

    Finally, Innopole kept us in our toes conducting the update session, where all of us had to report on progress and future actions. In six months everything has to be ready to face evaluators, and, more importantly, to execute the plan for the after-life of the project.

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