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    At U-QASAR we have compiled the list of Software Quality and Metrics (SQA) conferences for 2015 and thought that it could be of your interest. We have compiled it in a nice calendar file to add to your favourite calendar manager. Here you have a list with a small description from each.

    Software Quality Conference

    Conference (by Dirk Tussing cc)


    Software Quality Days 20-23.1.2015 (Vienna, Austria) Theme: Software and Systems Quality in Distributed and Mobile Environments


    None yet, email us your conference!


    REFSQ 2015 23-26.3.2015 (Essen, Germany) Theme: Novel ideas and techniques that enhance the quality of RE’s products and processes, as well as reflections on current research and industrial RE practices.

    Testbash 27.3.2015 (Brighton, UK) Mission: to inspire a generation of testers to learn more about their craft and create professional friendships that create a long lasting support network.


    International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation 13-17.4.2015 (Graz, Austria)

    Iqnite 28-30.4.2015 (Munich, Germany)


    XP2015 25-29.5.2015 (Helsinki, Finland) Mission:  to further the state of agile and lean software development by providing a forum at which experts and novices from both industry and academia can meet and learn from each other.

    SQADays #17 29-30.5.2015 (Minsk, Belarus)


    Nordic Testing Days 3-5.6.2015 (Tallinn, Estonia) Audience: everyone who is interested in dipping their toes into testing and contributing to smoother software development cycle and quality.

    expo:QA 8-11.6.2015 (Madrid, Spain) Theme: This year they want to pay particular attention to Agile and Mobile testing and encourage proposals from these areas.

    ICE/IEEE International Technology Management Conference 22-24.6.2015 (Belfast, UK)


    Everybody on holidays?


    Agile 2015 3-7.8.2015 (Washington, DC, USA) Audience: Agile Developers, Executives, Teams, Managers, Coaches and Consultants all come to our annual conference each year to learn from world-class experts and thought leaders that share their passion.


    IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance 29.9-1.10.2015 (Bremen, Germany) Theme: Innovations, trends, experiences, and challenges in software maintenance and evolution.

    EuroAsiaSPI 30.9-2.10.2015 (Ankara, Turkey) Theme: The EuroSPI² conference presents and discusses results from systems, software and services process improvement and innovation (SPI) projects in industry and research, focusing on the gained benefits and the criteria for success.


    PNSQC 12-14.10.2015 (Portland, Oregon, USA) [Check the archives] Audience: The conference attracts a diverse audience and is considered a “must attend” event for software product managers, quality professionals, Agilists, managers, contractors, consultants, customers, developer-testers, tester-developers, and maintenance engineers.

    QA&Test 14-16.10.2015 (Bilbao, Spain) Audience: professionals of QA & testing for Embedded Systems to share their knowledge and experiences in the Conference.


    EuroSTAR 2-5.11.2015 Maastricht, The Netherlands. Promo: The EuroSTAR Conference is Europe’s premier software testing conference and has grown to become the largest and most prestigious event on the software testing calendar.

    Agile Testing Days 9-12.11.2015 (Postdam, Germany) Theme: The Agile Testing Days is an annual European conference for and by international professionals involved in the agile world.


    PROFES 2015 2-4.12.2015 (Bolzano, Italy) Objective: to provide a premier forum for practitioners, researchers, and educators to present and discuss experiences, ideas, innovations, as well as concerns related to professional software process improvement motivated by product and service quality needs.


    For agile conferences you can look further at this list.

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