SINTEF is an independent research foundation based in Trondheim and Oslo, Norway. The majority of our income comes from contract research for industry and the public sector in Norway and internationally. SINTEF is the largest independent R&D organization in the Scandinavian countries, employing around 2100 people. Contract research carried out by SINTEF covers all scientific and technical areas, and ranges from basic research through applied research to commercialization of results into new products and business ideas, for both the domestic and international markets. SINTEF is represented in this consortium by SINTEF ICT, the department specializing in information and communications technology with dedicated research groups in ICT security, systems architecture, and software processes and quality assurance. The department has extensive experience over many years of participation in EU R&D projects, in both technical and co-ordination roles, in most areas of the ICT work programme.

    Previous relevant experience

    SINTEF will contribute with expertise in agile software development methodologies, organizational change, knowledge management- and transfer, and industrial research. The most recent European and national projects relevant to this proposal include: EVISOFT[1], ITEA2-FLEXI[2] and the XP2010 international conference[3].

    Main tasks in U-QASAR

    SINTEF will be a key research partner, participating in RTD activities such as state of the art study, requirements analysis, methodology and platform design. It will use proven expertise in research on SMEs and agile software development methods and theories. SINTEF will also participate in Dissemination and Exploitation activities.

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    [2] http://www.flexi-itea2.org/

    [3] http://xp2010.org/