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    INTRASOFT International S.A. is a leading European company in the area of Information and Communication Technology services. We have a broad portfolio of activities addressing a wide range of international and national public and private organisations. Our extensive service exposure offers innovative and added value solutions of high quality with measurable results for our clients.

    As a subsidiary of INTRACOM HOLDINGS S.A., INTRASOFT International S.A. is a multinational company that was established in October 1996 to better serve western Europe, and has achieved impressive organic growth since then. INTRASOFT International S.A. (with head offices located in Luxembourg, a subsidiary in Brussels and branch offices in Athens and Bucarest) together with its branches constitutes one and unique legal entity. The company has more than 700 employees in Belgium, Luxembourg, Athens and Romania, 20% of whom hold postgraduate degrees, representing 20 different nationalities and mastering more than 15 languages.

    The Research & Development activity is conducted by people with a strong IT background that articulate emerging market ICT needs in the form of innovative research projects. Our R&D activities form an interdisciplinary centre of competence on the effects, use and applications of ICT in our targeted markets. Research projects conceived and implemented by INTRASOFT International are targeted at assessing emerging technologies, monitoring industry innovations, seeking new market opportunities, initiating market research and sizing markets. Therefore research projects are geared towards documenting needs of both traditional and emerging market sectors. Based on these insights, promising business cases for innovative solutions are created and validated.

    Previous relevant experience

    INTRASOFT International has substantial experience in ICT research and development, built up during more than 10 years of active involvement. The research and development is, to a large extent, conducted in joint projects with other companies, research centres and academia and with the financial contribution of the EC.

    In the past we focused on the application of information and knowledge technologies and we pursued research and development in the following areas: context and semantic knowledge handling, security, mobile wireless and IP technologies. Our recent activities included pioneering research and development efforts on the use and applicability of open source software in governmental systems and applications. We have also targeted the use of multimedia information in public administration services as well as the application of innovative methods and technologies in on-line transactional decision support systems. Up to now, INTRASOFT International has participated in more than 20 major European-wide research projects. Research partners of INTRASOFT International include IBM, ORACLE, MOTOROLA, ALCATEL, Fraunhofer Institute, Ratherfold Appleton Laboratory, RAND Europe, ERICSSON, VODAFONE, BULL, and AtosOrigin to name a few.

    In the scope of Software Engineering INTRASOFT International has taken part in the following EU funded projects:

    • CASAM: Computer-Aided Semantic Annotation of Multimedia
    • ELLECTRA-WeB: European Electronic Public Procurement Application Framework
    • TEAM: Tightening Knowledge Sharing in Distributed Software Communities by Applying Semantic Technologies
    • AGEDIS: Automated Generation and Execution of Test Suites for Distributed Component-based Software
    • SECRETS: Security Critical Applications Based on Open Source Internet Protocols

    Main tasks in U-QASAR

    INTRASOFT will be one of the end-users of the project. The profile of end-user of INTRASOFT is the one of a large company developing turn-key software solutions in complex environments. The business case will be focused on a software development project based on RUP so as to demonstrate the validity of the methodology and platform in such contexts. INTRASOFT will be deeply involved in the definition of Requirements and Business Cases and in the Validation and Assessment of the methodology and platform. Furthermore, INTRASOFT will participate in the Design and Implementation of the Platform, specifically in the design of the knowledge base of development projects. INTRASOFT will also participate in Dissemination and Exploitation activities.