INNOPOLE was created in Toledo in 2001 by a group of consultants with a wide expertise on Innovation Management and in the implementation of New Technologies. Associate Consultants in Innopole firmly believe technological innovation and RTD activities is the recipe that stimulates efficiency and competitiveness within the organizations, becoming specially relevant for Small and Medium Sized companies in the global playground. Nowadays INNOPOLE is considered a model player in the sector of technological innovation for the region of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) being an important agent of the innovation network of the region. Furthermore they have organized and participated in RTD promotion activities for the region, having enabled Spanish companies participating in RTD European Programmes collaborating with important European Research Centres or even helping new companies to define their business, technological or innovation strategies.

    Previous relevant experience

    Among other activities our associate consultants have been lecturers in SQA courses and international conferences, they have worked as SQA consultants in consortiums developing systems for EC Directorates and Agencies, have participated in the implementation of Agile Methodologies in different companies and have been part of RTD projects related to Software Engineering and Software Quality. INNOPOLE has coordinated several EU funded projects since its foundation. INNOPOLE has participated in several EU funded projects related to the implementation and promotion of IT in traditional industries. Among others initiatives, the following projects should be highlighted: EXTREMEFACTORIES (FP7-2011-NMP-ICT-FoF-285164): On-the-cloud environment implementing agile management methods for enabling the set-up, monitoring and follow-up of business innovation processes in industrial SMEs. WEB2SME (FP7-SME-232521, www.web2sme.eu): WEB 2.0 Driven Service-Builder for Product Extension in Globally Acting SMEs; AFORO (www.aforo.net): Agri-food Roadmap for ICT implementation (IST project); AMI@Netfood (www.ami-netfood.com) Development of long-term shared vision on AMI technologies for a networked agri-food sector (IST project). INNOPOLE consultants have been involved in several projects for the introduction of Agile Methodologies in companies from different sectors (pharmaceutical, electronics, telecomm or software security) and have also been part of RTD projects related to the introduction of Agile Methodologies in the development of embedded platforms (National project EXTREME – Introduction of Extreme methodologies in the development of embedded systems and FP5-ICT REDEST – Experiment based cross-fertilisation and dissemination of requirements gathering techniques).

    Main tasks in U-QASAR

    INNOPOLE will be responsible for the Administrative and Technical coordination of the project. The company is offering to the U-QASAR consortium its knowledge about Software Engineering, specifically in the area of Software Quality Assurance, as well as its expertise in the implementation of Agile Methodologies (successfully implemented in several companies of different industrial sectors) for the design of the methodology. INNOPOLE will also propose the methodology for the effective requirements gathering and analysis, will support end-users in requirements gathering and assessment of platform and methodology. INNOPOLE will also participate in the design and development of the platform and dissemination and exploitation activities.