• Final Sprint for U-Qasar in Madrid

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    U-Qasar project is nearing completion and the consortium convened last week in Madrid for the last face-to-face meeting. The meeting was hosted at the Integra Co-working space, a great place to have this kind of events.

    The list of things to do in U-Qasar is growing and serious coordination needs to be done to get everything ready before October. Everyone was ready to give the final push.

    Presenting U-Qasar to Spanish companies

    Presenting U-Qasar to Spanish companies

    Innopole and ATB put us up to speed with the platform development. U-Qasar is getting new experimental features, which looked quite advanced, It is also being polished so that the validation stage is free of critical bugs. Contact and Intrasoft have chosen already the projects in which they will be using the platform.

    MTP is busy with the validation stage, trying everyone to be in the same page. Validation will check if the platform is fit for the purpose it was designed for: creating a quality model and following its status along a software project life-cycle.

    Aalto University and SINTEF are proceeding with the assessment of the methodology. The methodology will help companies to create their own quality models, with objective, metrics and indicators. ATB was the first company to follow the methodology with the support of Aalto and SINTEF.

    Vaibmu presented the progress in the business model. At the moment they are validating the open-source business canvas by interviewing potential customers in Finland and in Spain. Vaibmu is also in charge of creating the demonstration material to show the benefits of using U-Qasar. For that purpose, the collective imagination of the consortium was tested. Pairs of members created short scripts for possible video material. The best part is when they acted it for the rest’s delight.

    During the second day, U-Qasar invited Spanish companies to the presentation of the methodology and the platform. Companies were interested on how U-Qasar could work with existing quality models and tools used by them. Their feedback was very important to validate the business model around Open Source. Companies have certain expectation of Open Source that we hadn’t considered before. This has served to update our lean canvas.

    As part of our open source model we will be releasing the code and documentation under an open license in github, so watch this space!



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