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    by  • May 20, 2013 • Quality assurance trends

    Following the fast paced evolution of software platforms, services and devices, the software testing paradigm is changing as well. With regards to quality assurance, several new trends are worth keeping an eye on:

    – Mobile usability & performance

    With the growing popularity of mobile apps, new front-ends and more secure data transfers need to be developed and implemented. Mobile phones’ special characteristics such as screen size and limited computational resources will require significant effort in improving mobile application experience and performance.

    – Fragmentation will be a major challenge

    Original equipment manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, HTC… are introducing their customized version of Operating Systems (OS) for differentiation, in a pool of different OSs that already exist in the market. The same happens with internet web-browsers. For these reasons, end-user testing is growing exponentially and tools which allow efficiently automation of the manual work are highly expected.

    – Crowd-sourced testing

    Crowd-sourced testing has emerged as an innovative way to improve the quality of developed software. Freelance testers are available at all hours and any place, they can provide you the results almost immediately. The most remarkable advantage of crowd sourced testing is in dealing with different test users, which will enable your product to be tested on a wide range of platforms and environments.

    – Exploratory testing

    Exploratory testing is simultaneous test design, execution and learning. As the agile practices are becoming more popular, this kind of testing is spreading among software testing companies in order to adapt the newer ways in which software is developed.

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