• Developing a companion to the U-Qasar methodology

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    The U-Qasar project has started the development of a companion to its methodology. The methodology is the ultimate document to help you create the Quality Model for your company, project or product. It describes a specific Quality Objectives Setting method, aka The Workshop, that gets everyone in the company to contribute to the quality model. More importantly, it also gives lots of background information on the need of such a quality model, and what makes a good quality model.

    The issue with the background is that the methodology book is a 100-page word document that can get hard to digest for practitioners in a hurry. Thus, we are working on a companion, that can be used together or separately with the book. We would love if you could visit the early draft and give us your opinion. As everything, the license is open (Creative Commons BY-SA), so you can improve it or use as you see fit.

    Simple and complete companion to the U-Qasar Methodology

    Simple and complete companion to the U-Qasar Methodology

    At U-Qasar, we plan to offer the service of coaching your company in creating a Quality Model, which can later be integrated in the U-Qasar platform for easy  follow-up and reporting. Contact us for details!


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