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    U-QASAR Workshop – Madrid – 12 May, 2015

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    U-QASAR: Obtaining an integrated and objective overview of Software Quality in the new changing environments. This workshop presents an overview of the Software Quality Tools currently used in the new changing environments, and how to survive the huge amount of available information and obtain objective data useful for the Software and Business development. How...

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    Atlassian wins: The “Open culture, no bullshit” business model

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    NOTE: This post is cross-posted from Vaibmu’s blog. At Vaibmu, we are working with great researchers and developers on U-Qasar‘s business model, an open and flexible solution for integrating quality monitoring data that comes from developing software (Software Quality Assurance or SQA). U-Qasar has started as a European funded project (FP7), and it is...

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    A Review Meeting in Brussels @EuropeanCommission

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    One year to go in the U-QASAR project, and the U-QASAR team visited Brussels for the last Review Meeting at the European Commission before the final report. The importance of this meeting cannot be overstated, and the preparations started some time before with the Innopole team coordinating all the reports and deliverables from the...

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    What are you guys doing over there…?

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    A few people have recently been asking what the U-QASAR project is really all about. We have loftly goals and we plan to execute them in the timeframe of this project. But here is a quick executive summary of what’s going on. The main objective of U-QASAR is to create a flexible Quality Assurance,...

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