• Aalto



    Aalto University is a newly created university from the merger of three Finnish universities: Helsinki School of Economics, University of Art and Design Helsinki and Helsinki University of Technology – all leading and renowned institutions in their respective fields and in their own right.

    The combination of three universities opens up new possibilities for strong multi-disciplinary education and research. Aalto university’s ambitious goal is to be one of the leading institutions in the world in terms of research and education in its own specialized disciplines.

    Previous relevant experience: Aalto University has a long history of research in the areas related to this proposal, including software testing and quality assurance, software metrics, empirical software engineering, global software development, and agile and lean software development. The most recent relevant projects include Lucos, Itea-Agile, SEMS, SHAPE, Cloud/SW/Solakka, and ESPA.

    Main tasks in U-QASAR

    Aalto University will be a key research partner, participating in the following RTD activities: state of the art study, requirements analysis (WP1) and methodology and platform design (WP2), heading this WP. Aalto will also make key contributions in WP4, Validation and Assessment, based upon their experience in empirical research and assessment.