• U-QASAR Workshop – Madrid – 12 May, 2015

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    U-QASAR: Obtaining an integrated and objective overview of Software Quality in the new changing environments.

    This workshop presents an overview of the Software Quality Tools currently used in the new changing environments, and how to survive the huge amount of available information and obtain objective data useful for the Software and Business development.

    How can Software Quality be measured in the current environments?

    If we ask Developers, Testers, Project Managers or Quality Managers “what is Software Quality”, each of them will probably give us a different answer, according to their different points of view and different responsibilities inside the process. In addition, they may be using diverse tools to track and measure it, like JIRA, Mantis, SonarQube or TestLink, obtaining heterogeneous data from them. So, whenever decision makers want to know the current status of their projects, the problem is how to compile all this information without losing anything in the process.

    Why U-QASAR?

    There are many solutions already in the market, like the existing ALM (Application Life-cycle Management) tools, which promise to solve these problems, but in general, those applications are complex and often expensive solutions. Also many times they don’t allow the integration of external tools.

    U-QASAR presents the perfect solution for all the above. It helps to unify the Quality Model/s inside the company so that all the actors involved in the process share the same goals; and offers an objective overview of the software quality to the different stakeholders, with different levels of granularity. It is applicable either to Traditional or Agile methodologies. It is a flexible solution, adaptable to standards like CMMi, the ISO 25000 or others models existing in the company. It can be easily extended by means of the integration or new external tools. It is easy to use and affordable even for small companies and freelancers.

    What is this workshop offering?

    • Overview of current tools used for measuring software quality. Analysis of the trends, e.g., including support for agile methodologies.
    • Practical knowledge: how to define a unified quality model and how to implement it along the whole life-cycle of the software (U-QASAR Methodology and Platform).
    • Possibility to influence the final development of the U-QASAR project, and become one of the members of its future open source Community.

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    ¡FREE ATTENDANCE! Registration form: http://goo.gl/HAFZZv

    For more information call to +34 925 28 36 65