• Project Overview

    The main objective of U-QASAR is to create a flexible Quality Assurance, Control and Measurement Methodology to measure the quality of Internet-related software development projects and their resulting products. The methodology will be supported by an Internet solution composed of several knowledge services based on open standards that will be able to detect changes in the scope and requirements of an Internet application (or changes in its development process) and provide the adequate set of assessments to deliver an accurate measurement of the quality of the process and product at any time.


    The U-QASAR Internet Services will monitor the different stages of the software development process, interoperating with the existing applications and systems to provide quantitative information about the quality of each phase (i.e. project management, requirements gathering, functional and technical design, development and testing), the project as a whole and the resulting product. Data obtained in real-time by the U-QASAR monitoring services will be used in an indistinctive way by software engineers, designers, developers, testers and managers alike for different purposes. In that sense software engineers, developers and testers will be able to rapidly correct inadequate trends in design, development and testing, project managers will be able to schedule deliveries with the agreed level of quality and IT directors will be able to forecast the cost and quality of future projects. This will introduce a high level of automation in the Software Quality Management (SQM) process avoiding the traditional problems of data gathering and analysis in traditional measurement and SQM processes which are:

    –    Difficulty in demonstrating the completeness, accuracy and integrity of the data used.

    –    Presumable lack of objectiveness.

    –    Lack of stability in the processes.

    U-QASAR methodology and platform will be assessed in 2 different business cases in order to validate the results in different conditions.  The first business case will belong to a large software company developing large Internet projects based on RUP methodology. The second business case will belong to an SME developing complex Internet projects based on Agile methodologies.


    Finally, the U-QASAR consortium has a big dissemination potential to widely disseminate the results of the project. This will be reinforced with a social media strategy that will be focused on wide dissemination of results to software developer SMEs. U-QASAR will also give a lot of importance to the exploitation of the results, involving in the project an RTD organisation devoted to the definition and implementation of New Business Models.


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